Centre de Negocis del Vallès

Additional Services

  • Financial Management (Treasury forecasts and results, improving asset management, financial consulting, etc.).
  • Fiscal Management (Processing of taxes, tax closing, procedures / tax audits, tax consulting, etc.)
  • Insurance (car, life, home, health / liability, savings, etc.).
  • Legal Management (commercial law, administrative law, labor law, tax law, civil law, etc.).
  • Accountant Management (Presentation of balance sheets, accounting advice, etc.).
  • Labor Management (Proceedings in hiring, corporate restructuring, labor inspection assistance, consulting work, etc.)
  • Computers (hardware and systems maintenance, technical support, internet and telecommunications, etc.)
  • Consultancy (Management and planning of company management, implementation of cost accounting system business, etc.).
  • Audit (Control of budgets, organization of internal control, audit of financial statements, etc.).
Carrer de Xaloc 1 1er 4a  - Edifici CNV, "P.I. Can Volart" - 08150 - Parets del Vallès  Tel.: 902 909 244 - Fax: 93 188 89 77 – info@cnv.cat
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